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Tally Ho, the Fox!


tally ho the fox



The Foundation for Building World-Visionary,

World-Impacting, Reproducing Disciples

By: Herb Hodges

Herb Hodges' book, "Tally Ho, The Fox!" has served as the introduction, inspiration and catalyst for
honoring the Great Commission through disciple-making for thousands of men and women around
the world. In "Tally Ho", Herb presents the biblical foundation and Christ's plan for building
world-visionary, world-impacting, reproducing disciples.

This web page is not intended to be a commercial, but if you believe in discipling,
you must read this book, sold through Spiritual Life Ministries.

Contact information for obtaining Tally Ho, The Fox! follows:

Herb Hodges
Spiritual Life Ministries
2916 Old Elm Lane
Germantown, TN 38138
901-758 2777

Herb Hodges has graciously agreed to allow us to post the text files to his book "Tally Ho The Fox!"
which is available for purchase from Pastor Hodges at the address listed above. A call or e-mail
will assure you obtain a hard copy of “Tally Ho The Fox” We recommend
that you obtain a copy for your personal use, for reference and to share with others.

All materials linked to this page are the property
of Herb Hodges, of Spiritual Life Ministries
and are protected under US and International
Copyright law.

Tally Ho Chapter

Scripture Reference

Topic Title



Summary of "Tally Ho" by Chapter


Proverbs 29:18

How Vital Is Vision


Matthew 28:18-20

The Commission that Determines our Mandate


Matthew 28:19

The Concept That Determines our Method


Acts 1:1-5

The Key That Hangs in the Door of Church History


Luke 1:1-4

Essentials For Making Disciples


2 Timothy 2:2

God’s Multiplication Table


1 Thessalonians 3:8

The Genius of Jesus’ Strategy


Ephesians 4:7-14

How The Standard Works in a Church


Acts 1:8

His Last Words, His Last Will


Tally Ho, The Fox! Outline

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