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Site Rules and Restrictions: was created to provide materials for use in discipling men and women to Jesus Christ.

Content of this site is the sole property of the contributors and sponsors of

All content for which an author is identified and content that is linked to a contributor is the sole property of that author or contributor. All materials contained on the website are copyrighted by the author. If no author is listed, the materials are copyrighted by

Inclusion of material on this site indicates the authorís or contributorís permission for use of their materials subject to the restrictions listed here.

        Users of the website may use, read, copy, or reproduce all materials contained on the site for their personal study or for presentation to others as study or training materials.

        The content of materials copied or reproduced may not be changed or altered in any way.

        Where the authorís contact information is listed on material, the contact information must remain with the material if copied or reproduced.

        Passages taken from materials presented in which are quoted in subsequent publications, must reference the author along with any contact information provided by the author and a reference to as the source of the quoted material.

        If materials are changed or altered in any way, all author reference and contact information must be removed from the material.

        The opinions expressed by contributors to are solely those of the author.

        Inclusion of materials on the website is by invitation only and at the sole discretion of

We remain indebted to the contributors to this website. Their willingness to share their materials is appreciated.

The content of materials presented for each contributor is theirs. You have permission to use and reproduce their materials for your personal study and for training and equipping disciples. If you change these materials in any way, please remove any reference to the contributor from the material.

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