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What is a Disciple of Jesus Christ?

John Baugh
September, 2005


1. A disciple of Jesus may be an interested observer of Jesus


In this manner, disciples might include the mildly interested onlookers who follow, until following becomes inconvenient. At that point, they go their way, no longer involved and unchanged by the encounter.

During his ministry on the earth, there were many who came to hear Jesus speak, were fed emotionally and physically and then, when they were filled, they departed and perhaps never encountered him again.


2. A disciple of Jesus maybe a follower of Jesus.


When Jesus walked this earth, many people followed him. Some were absolutely committed followers, sticking with the master wherever he led them. Others followed as long as Jesus was close to them, and left him when night came, or their thoughts turned elsewhere. They may have followed as far as the next town or perhaps across the sea of Galilee, but their involvement was temporary and for the most part, committed to the fulfillment of their needs.


3. A disciple of Jesus may be a believer in Jesus.


Disciples certainly include those who see Christ as Godís son. They have accepted the commitment to our salvation that Jesus made and the offer of salvation he makes to each of us. Many disciples fall in this group, but (sadly) many of this level of discipleship remain largely inactive in their Christian life and fail to honor the Great Commission of Christ.


4. A disciple of Jesus should be (needs to be) a lifelong student and adherent to the teachings of Jesus.


Consider the word lifelong:

        The commitment of this type of disciple is not casual. It has substance, evidenced by the desire to remain with the Master.

        This type of commitment is lasting, enduring and permanent.

Consider the word student:

        If one is a student, there needs to be a relationship with a teacher (Master).

        A disciple should seek to learn from the Master.

        .Our goal in learning is to be able to emulate the teaching of the Master and to carry forward with that teaching.

        We learn so that we will know and so that we can do

Consider the word adherent:

        The root of this word is adhere, which means ďto stickĒ.

        Adhesive is also a derivation of the word adhere.

        Most of us still remember adhesive tape. It was the white tape we used as kids when we needed to bandage a wound or bind up a twisted ankle. - If we use all of these thoughts to expand our definition, it might be possible to say that an adherent sticks like adhesive tape to the teachings of Jesus.


5. Disciple Makers:


        Disciples at this level have made Jesus Lord of their lives.

        Disciples at this level understand that a direct reflection of their life in Christ is seen in their desire to share this love of their Lord and savior with others.

        Disciples at this level invest their time and efforts to help others grow to a level of understanding that assures they will be driven to share the Gospel message of Christ also.

        Disciples at this level understand that equipping the twelve apostles and sending them out established Christís plan for spreading the Gospel to the entire world.

        They understand becoming a reproducing disciple is Christís desire for their life and for the lives al all believers. In this way, Jesus expects us to reach the entire world.


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