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Koos Basson, who was born in Zimbabwe, lives with his wife Jeni and their children Jessica and Shaun in Mokopane, South Africa. If one were to "Google Map" Mokopane, they would find that it is a remote location in Northern part of South Africa, about 100 KM from the borders of Botswana and Zimbabwe. From his home base, Koos ministers in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya and other regions of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Koos has been a friend, co-worker and man-on-the-ground for the Lord for many years in this part of the world.

To journey in the Lord's work down the dirt roads and animal trails of Sub-Saharan Africa with Koos in his Land Rover, or by boat across the swamps and lakes of that part of the world is a life changing experience.

Many people pray and support missions work with their tithes and offerings. Koos gives his life to it. In addition to private ministry donations, Koos' ministry is supported by International Ministry Development (IMD) of Boulder, Colorado.


7150 Hooker Street

Suite A

Westminster, CO 80030


Koos' Contact information:


Institute for Ministry Development
(IMD Africa)
P.O. Box 1914
South Africa


Messages by Koos Basson:


How Not To Cut Off One's Spirit



IMD Missionary Efforts in Africa:

We would like to present a taste of the church planting and disciple-making work taking place in Koos' part of the world through past reports of the work of his ministry.

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2005 - November
2006 - March
2006 - June
2006 - July
2006 - November
2007 - January
2007 - July
2007 - August
2007 - September
2007 - Zambian Flooding
2007 - October
2007 - December

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