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Christian Life Study Outlines


The lessons presented here are the work of Porter Barrington,
who has been an evangelistic pastor all of his adult life. 
The Word of God has been at the heart of his entire ministry.

These lessons on the Great Doctrines of the Bible are intended
to be simple without being ordinary, short without being shallow,
brief without being dwarfed, positive without being over-formal
and comprehensive without being complicated.

They were produced to fill a need in the life of the Christian,
to provide an incentive to know more of Godís Holy Word
If diligently studied, they will help to establish you in the faith
and give you spiritual confidence.



Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.






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Outline Number One: The Bible is The Word of God

Study 1


Outline Number Two: God

Study 2


Outline Number Three: Jesus Christ

Study 3


Outline Number Four: The Holy Spirit

Study 4


Outline Number Five: Sin

Study 5


Outline Number Six: Judgments

Study 6


Outline Number Seven: Rewards

Study 7


Outline Number Eight: The Church

Study 8


Outline Number Nine: Prayer

Study 9


Outline Number Ten: Faith

Study 10


Outline Number Eleven: The Abundant Life

Study 11


Outline Number Twelve: Repentance

Study 12


Outline Number Thirteen: The New Birth

Study 13


Outline Number Fourteen: Gods Plan of Salvation

Study 14


Outline Number Fifteen: How to Witness Effectively

Study 15


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